Tunnel of long exposure


The art installation aims to reflect an image of stars captured under long exposure of a camera. During COVID-19, most people have spent more time at home and our pace of living has been slowed down. However, at the same time, we all have more time appreciating things that we fail to notice during our busy daily life and reflect on what’s happening around us. Now we have the opportunities to become ‘stationary cameras’ that can capture the slow motion of the earth and the light of the stars from afar. 

The proposal consists of LED strips being projected onto the underside of a tunnel. The main structure of the tunnel will be made of steel frame and the enclosure will be made of fiberglass panels. For each piece of the fiberglass, the inner side will be electroplated with deep blue sheen while the outer side will remain its original milky white texture. Soft and bendable, waterproof LED strips will be attached to the shiny blue side of fiberglass panels according to the pattern in the factory. Then each panel and each segment of the structure will be delivered to site and be assembled there. This method of construction will allow the installation to be dismantled and be assembled again for another exhibition in the future if necessary. Instead of visitors just passing by, we would like to add some transparent stools for people to sit and appreciate the installation for a little while longer. 

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