The campfire


The sculpture has a circular base of 2m wide and its total height is 3m. It is composed of 6 wood logs, each of 240mm diameter arranged in a pyramidal form. Burnt wood from the fires will be used to make this sculpture. The inner face of the logs, as shown on the visuals, will be further polished and be covered with copper foil. During the day, sunlight will shine directly onto the piece. Copper foil will pick up the natural light and the sculpture will look as if it is glowing from the inside. At night, a floor lamp made of LED and a glass cover will be installed at the base. The sculpture will glow gently like a campfire at night.


The sculpture invites people, especially kids to go inside. It is a small but personal space.  The visitor will be embraced by the wood and when he/she looks up, will be able to see the logs coming together yet leaving a small circular opening at the very top. The opening serves as our hope for the future ahead, and I sincerely hope that both people and animals can recover from this ‘black summer’ and a permanent solution can be sought in near future.

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