Little yellow circle


Little Yellow Circle is a piece of steel sculpture (6m dia. X 5m tall) which sits on artificial landscape and blends well with its natural surroundings of Midou Music Festival site (site number 1). It is a full circle on plan with one ascending half made of steps and a descending half made of a slide. It echos the theme by sitting effortlessly on the landscape and it represents life as a journey to be enjoyed. Instead of focusing on materialistic possessions, one was indeed born without and will leave without any belongings. This idea is represented by the entry and exit points being the same point in the Circle at the area where it touches the existing ground. Steps help people climb through life and physically they help people reach the highest point of the Circle where they can enjoy the higher view up there. Instead of being fully blended in with the landscape, its yellow colour help the Circle stand out from its surroundings and aims to attract visitors, especially children in engaging with it. 

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