Cafe wander


Collaborator: Absence from Island

Project Team: Tang Chi Chun, Ho Siu Ting Etain, Chen Lok Yan


Photo Credit: Xue Lan Xin


Client: Ark Culture Ltd.


Furniture Supplier: Jiksap


Location: Hong Kong


Type: F&B


Area: 60sqm (front of house)

Completion date: July 2020

The design concept came from the Chinese name of the Cafe - 浮生(Cafe Wander) - which means to live your life as if you are just wandering around and as if you are just ‘gently floating above water’. The client would like to bring in characteristic old objects, and given the small size and low ceiling features of the shop, we could not afford to have a bunch of old objects scattered messily around. Hence we came up with the idea to ‘let the old sink’ and leave all objects and space above white. The white helped unified and brightened up the Cafe. All edges of the ceiling have been filleted to give a gentler and softer impression and to allow the guests feel less oppressed and more comfortable under the low ceiling.

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